2021 AtoZ Reading Challenge – UPDATE

Hi Blisses, I'm joining several reading challenges this year, and one of them is the AtoZ Reading Challenge. This one is very self-explanatory and maybe a little easier to tackle too. This challenge is hosted by Crystal and Megan, a mom and daughter blogger duo over at Bookstacks And Golden Moms. If you want to … Continue reading 2021 AtoZ Reading Challenge – UPDATE

My 2021 Netgalley TBR – UPDATE

Hi Blisses, This is the first update for a reading challenge that I will be posting this week, though please don't expect my updates to be good, they're really underwhelming. LOL. I posted five reading challenges that I'm joining this year and so far I'm failing at each and every one of them. But you … Continue reading My 2021 Netgalley TBR – UPDATE

2021 Reading Challenges I’m Joining

Hi Blisses, What are the reading challenges you're doing this year? I know this post is late. We're almost halfway through 2021 but I can't not post this. Besides, I've just joined most of these challenges last month. Yep, I'm soooo late in everything this year. I thought 2020 was the worst year but 2021 … Continue reading 2021 Reading Challenges I’m Joining

My 2021 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

Hi Blisses, Here's another reading challenge I'm joining this year. I know you must be thinking I'm overdoing it because this is the fifth reading challenge I shared. But I can always drop one or two whenever I want to and I don't even have to finish any of these challenges if I can't do … Continue reading My 2021 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

2020 AtoZ Reading Challenge (Update)

Hi Blisses, I think I'm going to finish this challenge earlier than I thought. This reading challenge is created and hosted by Megan and Crystal from GingerMomAndCompany and they've been doing this for three years now. I've joined in the past two years but haven't been able to succeed at completing the 26 letters. But … Continue reading 2020 AtoZ Reading Challenge (Update)