Ravenclaw-friendly Books

Hi Blisses, I have a confession to make. In Pottermore, I was originally sorted as Gryffindor. But I took the test again, even made a new e-mail for it, manipulated my answer a bit just so I end up being Slytherin. It's because I know in my heart I'm Slytherin. But if another house wants … Continue reading Ravenclaw-friendly Books

Top 5 Summer Reads [Top 5 Tuesday #4]

Happy Tuesday Guys, This meme is hosted by Shanah @Bionic Book Worm and she assigns wonderful topic each week. Since it's summertime anywhere in the world (except in my country, hehe), this week's topic is 'Summertime Reads'. I'm just gonna share five books I really love to read while relaxing because (gasp!) I don't love Summer. Usually during … Continue reading Top 5 Summer Reads [Top 5 Tuesday #4]