Mid-Year Freak Out Tag [2018]

Hi guys, My God, we're half-way thru 2018. ALREADY. I think it's safe to really freak out. Right? With my life, in general, I must admit it's great. Thanks to my writing, I really feel good about everything. Well, everything, but my blog. Jeez, half-year means I have to post many things. Updates and well, … Continue reading Mid-Year Freak Out Tag [2018]

Spell Your Name with Fictional Characters Tag

Hi guys...   I was rewatching Lord of The Rings and thought I still have a review to post 'cause I finished reading Days of Blood and Starlight last night. But I seem to be not in the mood to blog. So I thought, why not do some tag first just to condition me. And this tag … Continue reading Spell Your Name with Fictional Characters Tag