WWW Wednesday, 10/09/2019

Hi Blisses, It's Wednesday again, but really I'm just so happy I keep participating in this meme. Why, because this means I'm really back to blogging. This is usually the first meme I purposely miss whenever I'm close to taking a break on blogging. Maybe because this kind of wrap up post. Anywaaaay, this meme … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 10/09/2019

WWW Wednesday | 09/18/19

Hi Blisses, I actually haven't been reading but no worries, that is only because I've been writing. I've been in a hole this past week, I felt like I was possessed. A new story idea came to me and one fact about me, once a new story idea pops up, I would drop everything, set … Continue reading WWW Wednesday | 09/18/19

WWW Wednesday, 09/11/19

Hi Blisses, It's time for another WWW Wednesday to give you guys some updates on my reading. This meme is hosted by Sam from Taking on a World of Words and in order to participate, you just have to answer three very easy questions, questions that have something to do with your reading. #3 Questions … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 09/11/19

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2019 (Update)

Hi Blisses, Graphic from http://www.popsugar.com It's no secret I'm joining this Reading Challenge and have been doing so in the past four years. It's also no surprise that in few times I've joined, I've only completed it once - last year. This year though I'm set to finish this even though I've been through a … Continue reading POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2019 (Update)