Liebster Award #4

Hi Blisses, How's everyone's 2019 so far? Hope you're all having better start this year than me. I've been sick last week and so unmotivated to do anything. I've been neglecting my writing and blogging responsibilities. I also need to finish betareading 2 fantasy novels but I'm in a bit of a slump. Yikes!!! But … Continue reading Liebster Award #4

2018 Liebster Award #2

Hi Guys, Like I said in my 1st Liebster Award, there is a confirmation that i really am DEAREST. hehe. Someone nominated me again for this award. This time it was from Thad @Baking_Thad... DO yourself a favor guys, check out his blog, his posts are really amazing and his funny. You can check his own Liebster Award Post , … Continue reading 2018 Liebster Award #2

The Liebster Award #1

Hi guys, Last month I got nominated by Emma of Thoughts of a Brown-eyed Girl for this amazing award. And she did us all a favour for googling the meaning of Liebster. It's German for 'dearest' people. I was surprised and a little doubtful. I mean she knew it means Dearest yet she still nominated me. Well, at least  … Continue reading The Liebster Award #1