April Reading Wrap-Up

Hi Blisses, I read 21 books last month, which isn't surprising because we're still stuck at home. Hopefully, our quarantine ends in May 15 but I'm not keeping my hopes high. Anyway, I've read quite a number of great books last month. Sure, I only had one 5-star read but I had lots of 4 … Continue reading April Reading Wrap-Up

Merry Not March (Monthly Reading Wrap-Up)

Hi Blisses, March is definitely not merry, but I don't want to focus on the negative anymore. Despite everything, I read 22 books last month and that's the second highest number of books I read in a month in my entire life. Last year, I forgot the exact month but there was one month I … Continue reading Merry Not March (Monthly Reading Wrap-Up)

Simply September (BLOG Wrap-Up)

Hi Blisses, This is the second part of my monthly wrap-up. Yesterday I posted my Reading Wrap-Up where I shared the books I've read this month. I also shared why I titled my wrap-up as Simply September so if you want to read that, go HERE. Now, I'm going to share I've posted in my … Continue reading Simply September (BLOG Wrap-Up)