April Reading Wrap-Up

Hi Blisses, I read 21 books last month, which isn't surprising because we're still stuck at home. Hopefully, our quarantine ends in May 15 but I'm not keeping my hopes high. Anyway, I've read quite a number of great books last month. Sure, I only had one 5-star read but I had lots of 4 … Continue reading April Reading Wrap-Up

Merry Not March (Monthly Reading Wrap-Up)

Hi Blisses, March is definitely not merry, but I don't want to focus on the negative anymore. Despite everything, I read 22 books last month and that's the second highest number of books I read in a month in my entire life. Last year, I forgot the exact month but there was one month I … Continue reading Merry Not March (Monthly Reading Wrap-Up)

2018 Moody Reads – Wrap Up (Blogmas #8)

Hi Blisses, It's Day 8 of #blogmas and I decided to share a wrap up of one of the reading challenges I joined in this year. It was a part of my plan to include wrap ups for my #blogmas posts. I'm a mood reader just like most of you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Last January, I discovered … Continue reading 2018 Moody Reads – Wrap Up (Blogmas #8)

24 Hour Readathon [July 2018] – Wrap Up

Hi Guys, This wrap-up post should've been posted last night at 8 p.m. having finished my 4th book an hour before the Readathon officially ended, I made the wrap-up in advance andย  scheduled it. But oh my God, the date was wrong. I checked my blog when I woke up earlier today, expecting comments on … Continue reading 24 Hour Readathon [July 2018] – Wrap Up

24 Hour Readathon [June 2018] – Wrap Up

Hi Book Dragons, YES!!!ย Noriko and I just finished another Readathon and needless to say, we enjoyed it a lot. It's great to set a whole day just to tackle our TBRs. Personally, I can say it's very fulfilling. Though I only read three books this time and not my usual four, still I enjoyed the … Continue reading 24 Hour Readathon [June 2018] – Wrap Up