WWW Wednesday, 03/11/2020

Hi Blisses, I want to start this post asking everyone to pray. The threat of Corona virus in our country worsened. Schools are suspended in all levels for a week, and next week is still uncertain. Please pray for us. I know the threat has already spread not just in Asia so let's pray together. … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 03/11/2020

WWW Wednesday, 03/04/2020

Hi Blisses, We're at the first Wednesday of the month and I think I'm off to a good start. Though this is a meme for our reads, let me just share that I spent the whole day reviewing ideas in all the "brain dumps" section of my past journals, including the ones in my phone … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 03/04/2020

WWW Wednesday, 02/19/2020

Hi Blisses, I won't make this post long because I want to spend more time to answering comments and visiting blogs tonight. My fingers are literally sprinting on my keyboard right now because I want to read other bookish posts. πŸ™‚ But of course I can't forget to mention that this meme is hosted by … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 02/19/2020

WWW Wednesday, 1/22/2020 (I read 7 books last week)

Hi Blisses, I finished 7 books, one of them a novella but another one is Book 1-3 of a cozy mystery series. I mean, I need a reward right? Like a bottle of champagne or a massage, or both. πŸ™‚ I also need to mention that I didn't neglect my writing this week, so yeah, … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 1/22/2020 (I read 7 books last week)

WWW Wednesday, 01/15/20

Hi Blisses, I almost skip posting my WWW this week. I'm busy binge-watching a k-drama and honestly I don't feel well. I feel suffocated because I haven't been going out of my room. There's this volcano in the region where I live and it's erupting. The ashfall reaches all the provinces surrounding it, and it's … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 01/15/20