Hi Blisses,

I’ve been in and out of reading and blogging hiatus for more than a year now and it’s hard to find my rhythm again. So I decided to join a few reading challenges because I realized I need to challenge myself to get back on track. This one is the first of the few challenges I decided to join.

Image source: BooksAre42

As the name of the challenge suggests, TBR TACKLE CHALLENGE aims to help us, readers, to tackle our TBRs, books that we already own. This challenge is hosted by a fellow blogger and friend Ashlee along with My Story Nook and The Artsy Bookworm88. I think they also have Instagram and Twitter which I will join later.

Basically there are at least five prompts every month that can help readers choose what to read. Obviously, I missed the first three months so I’m going to start with April.

I will update this post every month…


1.) Yellow Cover
2.) Fantasy
3.) Plant on the Cover
4.) International Author
5.) Sequel









I think this will be easy since I can use the books I’m reading for other reading challenges. But hopefully, this still helps my with my goal, which is, again, to get back on track. πŸ™‚

Have you heard of this reading challenge? Are you joining too? What reading challenges are you joining this year? Let’s chat.

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