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Hi Blisses,

TITLE: Wicked Little Deeds
BY: Kat Ellis
GENRE: Horror, thriller, Mystery
PUBLICATION: 5th August 2021 by Penguin
LENGTH: 400 pages
I received an e-copy of this book from the author, publisher and blog tour host in exchange for an HONEST review.

First of all, a big thanks to Dave from @The_WriteReads and Penguin for letting me join this tour. I read Kat Ellis’ other book, Harrow Lake, last year and enjoyed it. So I was elated when I see the tour invite in my email.


From its creepy town mascot to the story of its cursed waterfall, Burden Falls is a small town dripping with superstition. Ava Thorn knows this well – since the horrific accident she witnessed a year ago, she’s been plagued by nightmares.

But when her school nemesis is brutally murdered and Ava is the primary suspect, she starts to wonder if the legends surrounding the town are more fact than fiction.

Whatever secrets Burden Falls is hiding, there’s a killer on the loose, and they have a vendetta against the Thorns…




What I loved with Harrow Lake, the other book by Kat Ellis that I read last year, was the setting. And I couldn’t help but mention it because it’s the same with Wicked Little Deeds, only this time, the town is called Burden Falls. Burden Falls is one eerie town, surrounded by mystery and dripping with countless superstitions and it sets the story for me perfectly. I felt the atmosphere of the town and was hooked right from the start.

I liked that the book started with lots of mystery right away. That really sets my mood of reading of this book. I was so invested and kept guessing about lots of things till the last quarter of the book. I don’t really get scared reading a horror book but I know when a book is scary. And Wicked Little Deeds is one scary book. I also liked the bit of supernatural in this book. Well, I won’t spoil if there is really a supernatural element but I love the mystery surrounding it.

I found the main protagonist, Ava, a very well-written character. She’s strong and capable despite everything. But don’t be fooled she’s also vulnerable especially after becoming a suspect in a murder. I love solving murders with my favorite characters and I enjoyed reading Ava trying to connect the dots and solve the mystery. Ava is just so brave. I was rooting for her right from the start. She’d been through a lot and still going through a lot but she kept going. I love her. I also love Dominic. Seriously, the main characters are very well-written.

Even though the book started with a bang and mystery, I thought the pace was a bit slow but it picked up really soon. Then the pace became just enough for a story in this genre. I also think it’s brilliant that the chapters are short. It didn’t just make me keep reading but it made the tension alive. This is a page-turner. the author knows exactly what to reveal in the right moment in the story so there was no dull moment or info-dumping part. I also think the story wrapped very neatly.

RATING: 4 blissful pages with lilies

If you’re a fan of YA, mystery, horror and thriller, this book is perfect for you. A big bonus is the setting, so atmospheric and eerie, it’s perfect escape.


Kat Ellis is a young adult author whose novels include Wicked Little Deeds/Burden Falls (August 2021), Harrow Lake (July 2020), Purge (September 2016), Breaker (May 2016), and Blackfin Sky (May 2014). She is a fan of all things horror and sci-fi, and a keen explorer of ruins, castles and cemeteries – all of which are plentiful in North Wales, where Kat lives with her husband.

You can find out more about Kat at or connect with her on social media.

Instagram: @katelliswrites
Twitter: @el_kat

Have you read this book? Or planning to? What do you think of it? Let’s chat.

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