I’m Back with my October TBR

Hi Blisses, It's good to be back...to be really, really back. To think that my supposedly 5-week hiatus turned into 15 weeks is just WOW!!! And no, it's not a happy WOW, I'm deeply sighing right now because Blisses, life's been hard in the past few months. Like, I couldn't can't even function properly. But … Continue reading I’m Back with my October TBR

The Defense of Exeter Station by Thom Bedford (Book Blitz) @ThomBedford @Shalini_G26 #DigitalReadsBlogTours

Hi Blisses, Please note that I'm still on hiatus and that this is a scheduled post. I'm here again for another book promotion. Big thanks to Shalini from  Digital Reads Blog Tours for including me. This blitz is for author, Thom Bedford. I'm not really a fan of Sci-Fi but so far, I've liked the … Continue reading The Defense of Exeter Station by Thom Bedford (Book Blitz) @ThomBedford @Shalini_G26 #DigitalReadsBlogTours

Hiatus Announcement!!!

Hi Blisses, I'm taking a hiatus and it'll be for the next FIVE weeks. I'm taking a break from social media and here. I actually can't explain the reason why but it's very important to me. Let's just say that I'm in a very important point in my life. Sorry for being a little dramatic. … Continue reading Hiatus Announcement!!!

The TBR Book Tag

Hi Blisses, I'm here for a book tag which I haven't done in a while. But lately, I feel like I'm drained both mentally and physically so my brain wouldn't give any idea what to post. And doing book reviews is also tiring, to be honest. So I decided to post a book tag today. … Continue reading The TBR Book Tag