Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

73086TITLE: Kiss An Angel

BY: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

GENRE: Romance, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

PUBLICATION: February 1st 1996

RATING: FIVE freakin’ amazing stars!!!


Before anything else let me just acknowledge the Publication Date. This is a reread, but the first time I read this one, I didn’t notice when was it published. Jesus Christ, it was published when I was only almost 4 years old. And that’s 22 freakin’ years ago. But oh My God, the beauty of this story is timeless. Okay, to the review.

Arranged marriages don’t happen in the modern world anymore, or so Daisy Devreaux thought. Because it seems that it is the only way her father knows to control her. And she has no choice. Marry or go to jail? Alex Markov has no plan to take it easy on his new wife. He’s not the type who would pamper Daisy no matter how pretty she is. So he dragged her from her uptown, city life to a circus he’s managing, set to tame her. But what if instead of a spoiled, bratty wife, he discovers that he married an angel? Is he ready for that? Is he willing to overcame his past for her?

The plot and writing was amazing and perfect. Arrange marriage? Sounds cliche. Well maybe but it was written 22 years ago guys, and this plot wasn’t that old that time. But even the most cliched plot, when written properly can become such a great read. And a great read this is. The writing was amazing. I know, I’ve been using the word ‘amazing’ a thousand times already. Sorry. Nope, not sorry.

Actually, this just seems cliche in a first glance but believe me it’s not. NOT. The reason, I think, is the author found a way, a very effective way, to make the story unique in some way and so it isn’t boring. Aside from the main setting is in a travelling circus, where our flighty Daisy was forced to adapt in the life there. Was it hard. YES. For Goodness sake, our sweet, unlikely couple is living in the oldest trailer there is. Like filthy one. Not the ewww kind but the kind Daisy would never have lived in.

Speaking of our couple. Daisy and Alex’s characters are amazing(ah, this word again). hahaha. The character development was superb and that is the effective way, I was talking about. The author worked on each of character’s development apart. I don’t mean they physically apart, no just the way they were dealt by the author. Like, Daisy grew up because as an individual she needed to grow and no other reason, not even for Alex. Oh I was laughing so hard at how unconventional and conservative she was. Hahaha. And the same goes for Alex. So it was well-done. They maybe married but they didn’t actually acted like married couples even though they were living in the same house trailer. And these two are funny as hell. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Were there cliched scenes? Yes. Alex watching observing her from afar. Daisy staring at his body after shower. Daisy blushing. Alex admiring her and being surprised by her real qualities. They’re all present. But you know what’s not present? The instant attraction and the silly reaction between the couple that’s usually make love stories rushed. I really saw and felt their feelings toward each other developed. It was AMAZING. hahaha.

Bonus plot points are the animals in the circus. Believe me they were AMAZING. hahaha. Also the side characters. No one was annoying though they weren’t perfect at all. Thinking about them now, I should’ve been annoyed at some of them but I wasn’t. And that seldom happen and that only mean one thing. They were perfectly written characters.

It was Amazing. Hahaha.

Hope you guys read this… That would be amazing… hahaha. Okay that’s enough, even I starting to get annoyed by myself.

Happy Reading People,



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