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Hi Blisses,

Book tag posts are probably one of my favorite posts to write, especially if it’s a tag I haven’t seen before, like this one. The Last Ten Books book tag consists of ten questions about the last ten books you picked up. A big thanks to Kerri (Keri McBookNerd) for tagging me. I enjoyed reading her answers, and I know I will enjoy answering the questions as well, even though I don’t spend much time with my books as much as I used to anymore. Just like Kerri, I also don’t know who created this tag, so if anyone knows, please let us know in the comments. 

Now, the questions…

1.) The last book I gave up on

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. My God, this is probably one of the most boring books I’ve ever read, and I’ve read lots of classics with lots of unnecessary descriptions in their narration. I know this book is loved by many, and I’m in the minority, but it’s just not the book for me. I tried. I read past halfway before I gave up. I just can’t read another scene of them reading, running, having tea, doing ridiculous yoga (LOL)…Seriously!!! And the main characters aren’t interesting enough for me to keep reading. Diana and Matthew are just another witch and vampire, respectively. I prefer reading other books featuring the same creatures. They didn’t do anything spectacular in all the pages that I read. They did some ridiculous things that I think the author thought as amazing and refreshing, but for me, they’re meh. Also, what about Matthew’s possessiveness? I usually love reading possessive lovers, it’s like my guilty pleasure, but there’s a limit. Matthew is just too much.

2.) The last book I reread

Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. This 2019 Goodreads winner for Romance deserves all the praises. I love rereading and don’t even bother listing them again on my Goodreads Read shelf because I reread some of my favorite books at least twice every year. And this one I’ve reread four times already since I first read it in 2019. I absolutely love Alex and Prince Henry. I don’t mind spending spending time with them over and over again. Rereading this book never fails to put a smile on my face, putting me in a great mood.

3.) The last book I bought

Malice by Heather Walter. My friends and I have an unofficial book club (the WriteReads Weirdos call it a book club that is not a book club, I mean we’re weirdos…LOL) and this is August’s book of the month. Malice caught my attention even before the book club chose it because of its cover. I love it. It’s so beautiful. And I love that now, I have reason to purchase it. I already have an e-copy on my kindle but I want a physical copy. It didn’t arrive yet and will not for weeks but I’m so excited.

4.) The last book I said I read but didn’t

Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Ugh! I was supposed to read it for my cousin’s book report. I couldn’t say no because I’m basically the only person in our clan that enjoys reading. But I wasn’t in the mood to read anything, especially classic, so I wrote her book report by reading book reviews on Goodreads and commentaries on the book. She got a high grade for it so I guess it’s fine.

5.) Last book I wrote in the margins of

NONE. I don’t really write or annotate in books. In all my life, I think I only did it in two books and I don’t remember anymore which books they are.

6.) Last book that I had signed

This is so hard when you live in the Philippines. We rarely have bookish events here and the only times we can have signed books are if they’re already signed when we purchased them. Book subscription boxes also provide signed copies or sometimes, author-signed book plates. I have lots of book plates.

7.) Last book I lost

WINTER by Marissa Meyer. I have the entire series in the same edition and I love them. But for some reason I can’t think of, my copy of Winter is missing. I still don’t find it and can’t still think how I lost it They’re just in my bookshelves and I didn’t reread them so they’re supposed to be where I’ve always kept them. It is so frustrating because I hate books in a series in different editions, which brings me to the next question…

8.) Last book I had to replace

I had to replace my entire copies of The Lunar Chronicles because I can’t find a copy of Winter in the same edition that went missing. I ended up selling the old copies of book 1-3 of the series so I can buy new ones.

9.) Last book I argued over

I have never argued with anyone over a book before. Of course, I don’t always agree with everyone’s opinion in every book but there was never an argument. I would call them discussions. This usually happens in buddy reading sessions, which I enjoy a lot.

10.) Last book you pre-ordered

The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglas. I saw this one in a blog post few months ago and preordered it right away. I just love the concept of the book. I preordered it because I want a physical copy and it takes forever for physical copies to be delivered in the Philippines so I had to order it as early as possible.

There you have it, Blisses. I really enjoyed answering the questions. And a few times it reminded me I should read more.


Candyce & Isabelle
And whoever wants to do it.

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