Throwing Rules to the Wind by Thessa Lim

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TITLE: Throwing Rules to the Wind

BY: Thessa Lim

SERIES NAME: Of Heads and Hearts #2 (can be read as standalone)

GENRE: Romance, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

PUBLICATION: November 17th 2017




Zara have learned a lesson about love long ago making her doubtful with love. But her colleague, Matthew, doesn’t know that. Persistent and determined, Matthew wants no one but Zara, he’s even willing to break one of their office’s rules just for her.

But can Sarah really entrust herself to Matthew and trust love again? When her past wounds and past experiences with love resurfaced again, Zara found herself being tested once again. As a travel writer, she’s willing to go to any place her job requires, swim at any ocean or fly to any Philippine islands but can she do the same for love?


Seriously, the cover is big win. It’s so gorgeous. I love it. 🙂


Isn’t it a good thing to be surprised by a book?  This one did that to me.

1. The Romance was so sweet and pure which is really delightful because most of the romance I’ve been reading lately were almost in an erotica genre. I was actually expecting some strong sexual tensions because the plot involves a forbidden office romance, instead what I got were cute and dreamy scenes. And who wouldn’t want those?

2. As a Romance writer myself, the plot was a bit cliche, for me, but the writing was good making the novel really great. It was a nice touch when the author just inserted bits of Zara’s past making the reader understands the whys. Usually, I prefer prologues and epilogues when it comes to stories that involves a past but after reading the story, I know prologues just won’t work because Zara’s past go way way back which is very essential in the plot.

3. Just when I thought this would be just a mere office romance, the drama came in. And with drama of course I’m talking about Zara. Why do the girls are always the dramatic ones? Hahaha. Kidding aside, the drama make this one a story of deep sentiments. This is a story of forgiveness, seeking closure and trusting again. And most of all, MATURITY. Not your usual Romance eh?

4. This is a real treat. The whole novel is like a trip around the Philippines(my country), and I’m thankful to the author for that. And if you haven’t been in my country, this is a good novel to read before going. You can jot down every place the characters had been and the food they ate. You guys should try them all.


Oh I love Matt. He’s so sweet, so dreamy and so lovable. I  loooove Alpha males but I love sweet guys even more. I’d do Matt. *really blushing here*

Oh right, I should talk about Zara. You’ve read my own synopsis above and my insights about the plot, it is easy to say how Zara went as a character. She’s this typical, insecure and untrusting girl who I’ve wanted to kick few times. I did roll my eyes too. But then , I learned about her past. And then again, if she was perfect from the beginning, where the development would go?

So there, the characters are well-developed which is very important.


This is a real treat from the author, and not just because she provided me an arc, but because she took me into a tour around my own country. And most importantly, she gave me a lesson or two about love and maturity.  🙂

Happy Reading guys. 🙂

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