Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo by Robbie Yates [Book Review]

40654652TITLE: Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo

BY: Robbie Yates

GENRE: Childrens, Middle Grade 

PUBLICATION: June 21st 2018




Daniel Daniels spends most of his time doing one of two things:
1. Avoiding the school bully, or
2. Hanging out with his animal friends.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s animal friends all live at The World’s Worst Zoo, run by the cruel and crabby Mr Gregory. One day, an unfortunate incident with some ointment at the zoo leaves Daniel with a few special tricks up his sleeve—tricks that he can use to save the animals, and teach Mr Gregory a lesson.

Aaaw, this is so cute. Recently, I’ve read Robbie’s other children’s book and really loved it. So of course, I had to read this too. And first, I wanna say, personally, I find it hard to write a book for children. I just don’t think I’m capable of writing something that’s easy to udnerstand for kids but still interesting for adults. So I really applaud the author for his amazing books 🙂 🙂

As a 26-year old who read this, I can say, I’m fascinated. I enjoyed the silly but cute scenes. Though I can’t really say I’m fond of animals that much, I don’t even have a pet, still I felt Daniel’s love for them. And my heart warmed at how he cares. But this book isn’t just about cuteness. Daniel’s life at school and how he get through them is a good sidestory that as I understand plays a role in making Daniel a good person. Thus his compassion for the animals. The lesson the story wanted to convey is clear and I think all children need to read this.

Well written and enjoyable to read, I think everyone, young or young at heart, can find enjoyment in this book. This is actually perfect gift for my little cousins this Christmas. 🙂


17 thoughts on “Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo by Robbie Yates [Book Review]

  1. Well: I’d like to think that I am still young at heart, and I think this book sounds wonderful. I have seen so much praise for Robbie’s “One Very Odd Teacher “ novel and this one sounds just as good. Wonderful review as always Lili. 😊

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