The Escape by David Baldacci

I read this book for our 24 Hour Readathon [September 2018].

20767918TITLE: The Escape

BY: David Baldacci

SERIES: John Puller #3

GENRE: Crime Thriller, Suspense



“Loyalty mattered to John Puller. Almost as much as family did. And sometimes they were the very same damn thing.”

CID Agent John Puller Jr. has just returned from his latest case only to learn that his older brother Robert has escaped from the Army’s most secure prison. Robert was a major in US Air Force and an expert in Nuclear weaponry and cyber-security until he was convicted of treason. And now, he’s on the run and military’s most wanted man, giving John a dilemma. Which comes first: loyalty to his country, or to his brother. But then things aren’t as they seem. From Robert’s case and it’s questionable preliminary investigation to his unbelievable escape. Then there’s John’s involvement in the case though technically he shouldn’t be part of it ‘coz he’s family. There’s also the fact that some big names in military seems secretive about so many things. And then there’s Veronica Knox, a US intelligence who forced herself to be John Puller’s partner in the investigation.

So it was fun to read my first love genre: Crime Thriller. This book has been sitting on my shelf for ages and it’s one of those books I can’t remember why I have, except this is the genre I used to read. But as stated above, this is 3rd in the series and I haven’t read the first 2 yet. But I didn’t find it hard to know who’s who and what’s what. That’s the great thing about series  like this, it’s perfectly okay to read them not in order coz each book features a new case.

I found this book highly entertaining as I enjoyed the twist and turns the investigation took. But before that let me just praise the beginning of this novel, it started with Robert Puller’s escape in the prison and seriously, I thought it was well done. The author really managed to capture my interest and I was curious as to how Robert really escape?

“In fact, something always leads to something else.”

That first scene really left me and everyone in the book baffled. It was just impossible. The whole prison was described, you see. But this is the reason why even though I haven’t met RObert yet, I’m already fascinated by him. Plus, through John’s POV it was obvious how much he adores Robert. Same goes on Robert’s POV. It’s obvious how much the brothers love each other.

And I am so into BROMANCE… I mean who isn’t? And have I mentioned their father is an Army Lieutenant General who isn’t fond of showing emotions to his sons. But then there’s a reveal later in the story that involves their father and it’s really touching. I love family stories.

The story went on with John and Robert both solving/investigating the case but in different sides. John’s doing his job while Robert is an outlaw(debatable). But despite everything, it was obvious that the brothers remained faithful to each other, helping each other and it’s one of the best thing about this book. The investigation, the case, politics, the secrets, the intrigues, the deaths, explosions and all that, we’ve seen them all before but it’s still a great read because aside from good writing, the characters are amazing too.

Though I must admit John Puller is a bit stereotype. But that’s okay with me, I didn’t find any problem with John Puller. I love how he handled everything, making every part of the story engaging. Though I really am okay without Veronica Knox in the story. Sure she made the whole thing a bit more interesting, but it’d still be fine without her in the picture. But well…

I have two favorite scenes from the story. First was when Robert and John met after Robert’s escape. The moment I read ‘Junior’ on the page, I was grinning coz  I know finally I gotta see the two of them really talking to each other. And second scene was when Robert needed an assistance and John came to rescue him, if it was a movie, it would’ve been the highlight. hehe.


SO overall, I LOVED this book. It has flaws but it’s okay. This is a highly entertaining book, I recommend to everyone who loves this kind of stories. 🙂

Happy reading.


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11 thoughts on “The Escape by David Baldacci

  1. I remember this one from your read-a-thon and you enjoying it a lot at that moment. Which pretty much shows throughout this entire review😊 Sometimes we have books that we have had for ages and for some reason have never read. Well, I guess some things are just worth the wait, and this was one of them. Glad you enjoyed this one, and as always fantastic review😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a lot of old books myself as well. I finally am getting a little bit more back into reading now, so hopefully I can finally make some more dents into my to read list 😊


  2. I find popular fiction is very entertaining and that is why I read it. I do enjoy David Baldacci books but am very far behind in several of his series. Nice review Lili. Great to see you do not have to read them in order to still enjoy them.

    Liked by 1 person

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