After the Night by Linda Howard

420739*Since this is a reread, I included spoilers.

TITLE: After the Night

BY: Linda Howard

GENRE: Romance, Romantic Suspense



I’ve already read ten (10) books this year, and six of them , including this one are rereads. Why, oh why me. It’s new year, I should be giving new books a chance. But I couldn’t help it. I was cleaning my shelf last week when I picked this one up and just started reading. I literally put aside the duster and sat on the floor with my back against the shelf and started reading. This is TYPICAL-ME, btw. Just in case you’re wondering. This is normal scenario for me.

As for my review, this is fun so I gave it four stars,.

Wait? That’s it?

Fine, I’ll start again.

This is a story of two people who shouldn’t fall in love with each other. Wanting and loving each other were impossible, unthinkable. Faith Devlin belongs to a family of town whores and town drunks. On the other hand, Gray Rouillard belongs to the most powerful family in the town.

The story starts when Faith is just 14 and Gray is 22. Even then she has this huge crush to him but it was impossible, not only because their social statuses are too distant but because her mother is his father’s mistress. Then, suddenly his father disappear and so her mother. Imagine the rumours.

Now, 12 years later, Faith is back in the town, successful but still resembles the same Devlin the town knew, at least physically. And Gray will not have her in his town, so he vowed to ruin her.

This is sweet torture. Faith and Gray are the most likeable characters I’ve ever read. They’re both strong that they won’t back down at each other. Gray is the best jerk hero I’ve ever read in a novel. He’s really mean, rude to her but at the same time, protective of her and PROUD of her for what she became, totally far from her family. Faith, on the other hand, I thought I would grow tired of, because of her stubborness but not foolishness. But I love her til the end. She was too eager to solve the disappearance of Gray’s father to the point she’s always in danger. I think, her stubborness is needed so Gray’s protectiveness stand out.

And oh my, that’s so sweet.

And let me just mention that reunion scene of these two. My God. It was powerful. It was amazing. even by that first scene, it’s easy to tell the book with its great characters would turn out awesome.

You’re maybe wondering how on earth its titled AFTER THE NIGHT. Well, twelve years ago, one night, Gray used his connection/power to drove Faith’s family out of the town. And that night he calls her NOTHING BUT A TRASH. That night is their connection, as they believe so.

Anyway, to close this, I am not regretting that I reread this one. I devoured it just as much as I did the first time. I love the characters, even the secondary ones, I love the plot, with a little suspense, and the writing was so good.

One more thing: PLEASE READ THIS. if you want a jerk hero, strong heroine, a little suspense, strong sexual tension, and amazing romance.

Happy Reading guys,



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