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Hi guys…


I was rewatching Lord of The Rings and thought I still have a review to post ’cause I finished reading Days of Blood and Starlight last night. But I seem to be not in the mood to blog. So I thought, why not do some tag first just to condition me. And this tag is the easiest one so I don’t have to use my brain so much. hehehe…

I saw this tag from two blogs already. First from Kay of Hammock of Books and  then Amber of Step into a BookWorldBy the way, if you haven’t following Kay and Amber yet, go check their blogs now.. Aside from wonderful posts, they’re amazing people as well.

L-I-L-I  M-A-R-C-U-S

L – Luna Lovegood – (Harry Potter)

I – Inej Ghafa – (Six of Crows)

L – Liesel Meminger – (The Book Thief)

I – Iko – (The Lunar Chronicles)

M – Mia Hall – (If I Stay)

A – Alosa – (Daughter of the Pirate King)

R – Rosie – (Love, Rosie)

C – Clary Fray – (The Mortal Instrument)

U – Umbridge  – (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

S – Shahrzad (Shazi) AlKhayzuran – (The Wrath and The Dawn)

My God!!!, this tag is sooooo hard… Seriously… Hahaha. I really thought it would be so easy to just think of names. no it’s not. is so effing hard…

*By the way, I’m gonna use this opportunity to ask help guys. In POPSUGAR READING CHALLENGE that I’m doing there is this category (in advance section) that says, ‘A Book by an author with the same first or last name as you’. Look at how my name spells. Any author you know that fits? Tell me please. Thanks.

Okay I won’t tag anyone. If you guys wanna do this, feel free to do so.

Have a great day,


17 thoughts on “Spell Your Name with Fictional Characters Tag

  1. Wow, Lili! You went out of this world and into many to just find all of these names. I applaud you and the countless hours of reading you have done. I might just have to do this tag as well. Sorry that I cannot come up with any good book recommendations relating to your name; however, I bet once I start searching my shelves or the internet, I am going to find a book. Have a fun day/night of blogging!

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    1. Hi Nicole…. Hehehe… My God, I really though this tag isn’t hard at all… I’ve never been so wrong about a tag before…hahaha.. Thank you so much for visiting my blog… It really saddens me that we don’t see each other’s blog regularly since we’re in different sites… I now put on my weekly chores to check yours every week… 🙂 🙂 🙂 And yeah you can do this tag so I’m not the only one got through with the hardship. Hahhaa…:) 🙂


      1. Is this going to be like one of the trials Hercules goes through? However, instead of a fair man on the other side, can I get a book(and a Hallelujah) because this looks to be hard. Book reviews are my strong posts as tags take so much time to come up with a clever answer no one has heard before. However, I accept your challenge. I just may only use my first name and my blog name as I sign as Newbookcats a lot of the time. Still, I will do the tag.

        Oh, yes, I am also saddened that your and a lot of people use different sites. I feel so betrayed my blogging sites. Oh, the humanity!(Hahaha) I feel so sad when I see I cannot connect as well with others due to there being some challenges. However, we can still make this work as every site works differently for everyone. Also, thanks for making me a weekly chore! I guess I can be somewhat cranky! 🙂

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    1. And I have two I’s.. It was really difficult and U was harder because I was too focus on coming up with fictional characters that I love and obviously I DIDN’T love Umbridge… LoL.. 🙂 🙂 Good luck if you ever decided to do this. On 2nd thought, do this, so I’m not alone to suffer the hardship of this tag.. hahaha… 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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